University of Utah Sustainability Ambassador in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

The Sustainability Office seeks multiple student interns to help promote sustainability and manage programs at the University of Utah. We define sustainability as the integrated pursuit of social equity, environmental integrity, and economic security for current and future generations. The Sustainability Offices mission is to integrate sustainability as a core principle throughout all operations, research, disciplines, and curriculum at the University of Utah and to support sustainability initiatives and actions within the campus and community. We engage the campus community through programs that fund innovation, expand knowledge and understanding, and ignite change for a healthy and equitable society. Interns assist the Sustainability Office in its mission through project development and implementation, social media, video, photography, marketing, blog writing, event planning, and campus-centric research and focus groups. Most importantly, the interns help the Sustainability Office make programs fun and exciting for the whole campus. All internships are contingent upon funding availability.