WNYC, NY Public Radio Gothamist Internship, Spring 2019 in New York City, New York

Gothamist Internship, Spring 2019

InternshipsNew York City, New York



Interns at NYPR are given a robust internship program with hands-on responsibilities. Gothamist is a news and culture website about New York City that's been in online publication since 2003 and is a separate site under the NYPR umbrella now.

We're looking for an enthusiastic part-time intern to join our team to work a15-hour week this spring. Responsibilities vary widely, but we do require people to be available in person at least two full days out of the week. Bloggers, journalism students, photographers, autodidacts, and anyone with a passion for NYC and an interest in writing about it are encouraged to apply.

What your internship will entail:

  • Gothamist editorial interns work closely with our editorial team, which is made up of several full-time editors who cover New York City news, arts/entertainment and food.

  • Daily work in the office consists ofeditorialsupport (research,fact checking, proofreading, transcriptions), out of office assignments (covering Community Board meetings, press conferences and some breaking news stories) and other assignments (photography, event coverage, etc.).

  • Depending on the skill level of the intern, writing assignments/bylines are offered on a case-by-case basis.


  • We're seeking interns ideally in their junior or senior years, or students who have recently matriculated. We don't require students enrolled in a journalism/media studies program, though preference is often given to students who are looking to make a career in media upon graduation.

If you would like to be considered for this role you must submit:

We ask that all applicants submit both a resume and any relevant writing clips, either from publication in a campus (or local) newspaper or, in some cases, material written for a class. If the latter, please keep the clips brief.