City Of Lawrence Crime/Disorder Analyst in Lawrence, Massachusetts

Drime / Disorder Analyst The position is responsible for providing timely and pertinent information relative to crime and crime patterns to supervisors and administration within the police department, so that administrative personnel may properly deploy resources and therefore suppress criminal activity, aid in investigations, and increase arrests and apprehension of suspects. Crime analyst is also responsible for the daily reading of police reports, classification of crimes, recording and analyzing crime, and reporting findings to State and Federal Agencies. Qualifications A candidate for this position should have a Bachelor?s degree in Criminal Justice, Psychology, or Sociology. One year technical experience; one year experience dealing with criminal information in a law enforcement atmosphere; or one year analytical experience in either a police or a non-police agency environment. An applicant without related work experience is required to have 400 hours practicum in addition to a degree. The practicum is a volunteer service internship with a crime or intelligence analysis unit. Work is performed on an independent basis under the general direction of the Director of the unit. Collect, collate, analyze, and disseminate crime and other data on a daily basis. Create, manipulate, and maintain spreadsheets and databases. Create regular and ad-hoc crime reports for various audiences, including internal and external LEO?s, city officials, Chief of Police, other police supervisors, Director of the Crime & Disorder Analysis Unit in the Lawrence Police Department, the media, the general public, and others as designated. Create regular and ad-hoc crime maps via Map Info and Arc Map software. Create and disseminate reports regarding specific crime patterns and trends. Organize, analyze, and report crime information on a regular basis for COMPSTAT and other meetings. Assist Director with projects, presentations, and other tasks as required. Research, compile, analyze and interpret data from a variety of sources, including offense and arrest reports, booking sheets, census data, economic and demographic reports, and related sources. Prepare, organize, collate, audit, and submit monthly UCR and/or NIBRS reports to the Commonwealth for ultimate submission to FBI. Stay well-informed of updates to NIBRS and related reporting requirements. Support grant applications with the timely analysis and reporting of relevant crime and other data as needed. Attend meetings as a representative of the Crime Analysis unit and/or of the police department as assigned Miscellaneous Information Preferred Skills: Clear, accurate, and concise reporting of information is essential, both written and oral. Errors and/or omissions may result in danger to the public and/or officers may jeopardize funding, and may adversely affect public relations. Ability to maintain a highly organized workspace and electronic file structure is strongly preferred. Understanding of descriptive statistics is important, and more advanced statistical methods preferred. Superior interpersonal skills, demonstrated skills and accomplishment in working with others and independently, and ability to exercise sound judgment at all times in a demanding environment are strongly preferred. Experience and intermediate to advanced aptitude with most Microsoft Office products, especially Microsoft Access, Excel, and Publisher, is strongly preferred. Demonstrated ability with MapInfo and/or ArcMap desired. Entrance Requirement: Applicants must possess an understanding of rules of Chain of Command, have the ability to operate general office equipment and pass an extensive background check.