Yodle Specialist, SEO II in Jacksonville, Florida

##Position Summary

Specialist, SEO II Job Description

Summary of Job*:*The SEO Fulfillment Team utilizes SEO best practices to develop an SEO strategy for the client and fully own and implement the SEO strategy. The Specialist, SEO II will utilize their learned SEO expertise to perform keyword research and craft SEO tasks based on the client's SEO strategy and intended audience, and is responsible for ensuring all monthly client deliverables are met in line with the client's industry, branding, and SEO best practices. The Specialist, SEO II is responsible for the Fulfillment direction and performance of the SEO campaign. This role will also review, track, and be accountability for the performance of their client portfolio.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Upon being assigned the account, the Specialist, SEO II will be responsible for completing monthly client SEO tasks, as outlined in the client's product, requiring the Specialist, SEO II to complete one or more of the following tasks for the client:

  • Using keyword research tools to research and select appropriate keyword phrases for the account that are relevant to the client, industry, location(s) being targeted, and have an acceptable amount of search volume/competition volume.

  • Execute SEO edits to existing pages on the website, include title tag, meta description, image alt tag, sitemap, website copy, and heading tag optimization.

  • Depending on the SEO team/package, duties may include writing creative SEO copy intended to attract the attention of search engines, propelling them to rank the client's website higher, as well as interesting and useful for the client's demographic and intended audience. The Specialist, SEO II must be able to vary their writing style to meet the tone of the intended audience, as well as appropriately research the subject matter involved.

  • Working with Web.com link building vendors to formulate a link building strategy that can result in maximum success for the client.

  • Writing and uploading interesting, SEO-friendly blog posts for the client's blog to encourage search engines to crawl the blog, increase blog readership, and propel more websites to link to the client's website. The Specialist, SEO II will brainstorm and use their imagination to write on interesting topics, and appropriately research the subject matter.

  • Depending on the SEO team/package, duties may include social media management for the client. Tasks include developing a strategy for the client's social media campaign and building all needed social media campaigns to reflect the client's brand personality. The Specialist, SEO II will then post and interact with other social media users on the client's behalf.

  • Providing SEO consulting to the Account Manager on the client's behalf. The Specialist, SEO II will utilize their SEO industry expertise to provide the Account Manager with SEO best practices and advise the client on any SEO questions s/he has. The Specialist, SEO II is required to read SEO and social media blogs and attend SEO and social media webinars to stay up-to-date on industry best practices and trends.

  • Properly document SEO tasks and any internal items in line with the team's documentation process.

  • Track and own performance for clients via monthly reporting and internal management reporting.

The Specialist, SEO II is responsible for decision-making and implementation of the client's SEO strategy. As a result, the Specialist, SEO II's expertise, strategy creation, originality and talent has a direct impact on the success of the account.

Special Requirements (if any):

  • Candidates with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Business or other related field preferred, but not required.
  • Must demonstrate experience in writing, such as through technical or creative writing
  • Must demonstrate 1-2 years' experience in professional role(s), such as through prior work experience and/or internships
  • Must demonstrate experience in working with a team and having strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Must demonstrate experience in being self-motivated and having effective decision-making skills
  • Must demonstrate experience in multi-tasking and being well-organized
  • Must be proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc)
  • Prior SEO or online marketing experience recommended, but not required.
  • Prior social media experience recommended, but not required. Some HTML/website platform experience recommended, but not required.

ALL ADDRESSES: Jacksonville, FL

FULL-TIME: Full-time

FUNCTIONAL GROUP: Product & Marketing

Job Title: Specialist, SEO II

Location: 12808 Gran Bay Parkway West, Jacksonville, Florida 32258