DigitalMarketer Marketer in Residence in Austin, Texas

Do you want to learn new skills while getting paid?

Are you a hard worker that never feels like a task is too small for you?

Do you want a shot at a full time position for an Inc. 5000 marketing company?

This paid internship could be for you.

We’re DigitalMarketer and we’re on a mission to DOUBLE the size of 10,000 businesses by 2020.

We are looking for our next teammate to join a community where marketers, growth hackers, entrepreneurs and small business owners come to get the latest marketing ideas that actually work because they have been tried and tested by us...real marketers, using our tactics to sell our own products.

If you have a true love and passion for respecting and serving customers by contributing to something that is larger than you, then we want to invite you to document and share your unique knowledge and gifts with our community. You will be expected to start with the why, embrace a collaborative team environment and pursue growth and learning every single day.

You will be held accountable to make decisions and own the results of those decisions.

We think big, never let our teammates down and celebrate the wins.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone actually gives a damn… also for someone who can handle and embrace change and growth.

For more insight into our company’s culture, be sure to check out our "We Believe" video at:

The Challenge

Because this is not a traditional internship, the application itself is not traditional.

After the application process, we will select a small group of applicants to compete in a 30-day challenge that will assess your ability, drive and creativity for a chance to become DigitalMarketer’s first-ever Marketer in Residence.

The challenge will consist of three mini-projects and one final video presentation. Each week, you will be tasked with an assignment based on the DigitalMarketer Growth Playbook and will have access to our products and our team to help you.

For a full challenge description, guidelines and updates, click here >>

What is a Marketer In Residence?

As the winner of the 30-day challenge, you will then begin your term as the DM Marketer in Residence, where you will have the opportunity to work with each department within our team (Content, Product, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, etc.).

Through this program, you will have the opportunity to find your niche and develop skills that will help to shape and further your career goals. You will be expected to work on-site at our headquarters in Austin during your full-time internship in the Summer of 2018.

Based on your successful completion of the summer internship, quality of work, and fall 2018/ spring 2019 availability, you may be extended a project-based opportunity with DigitalMarketer.

This isn’t your typical “internship”. This is a special opportunity to become a professional before you even finish your undergraduate degree. You will be working alongside some of the top experts in the industry, with hands-on 1-on-1 mentorship and education. We will also give you full access to our extensive library of highly sought-after training and educational products, which are produced here at DigitalMarketer by the same team that will be training you.

At the end of your time as the DM Marketer in Residence, you will walk away with:

  • Career opportunities (whether in-house at DigitalMarketer as a full-time employee, or an extensive list of experiences and references to add to your resume)

  • A network of industry connections, including over 300 marketing agencies that are DigitalMarketer Certified Partners

  • A solid grasp of digital marketing basics that will give you a leg-up on your peers, not only in the marketing industry, but in any business or industry in need of agile, forward-thinking do-ers

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Taking a two-week, deep dive into each department which could include…

  • Product Team - Help to produce and maintain our series of products and subscriptions - including content for our community of members, live workshops, webinars and trainings, and our premier event Traffic & Conversion Summit

  • Marketing Team - Develop awareness, leads, and sales for all of DigitalMarketer’s content, products, and events through paid acquisition, SEO, and Email.

  • Content Team - Develop a strategy that engages, entertains, and informs our community through video, editorial, and social media channels.

  • Data & Analytics Team - Collect information from our websites, customers and business tools to find new opportunities and guide decision-making across all departments.

  • Monetization Team - A collective of DigitalMarketer’s customer facing teams, including Customer Success, Certified Partner Success, Sales, and Strategic Partnerships. Discover the DigitalMarketer customer’s journey from the initial sale, to ascension and retaining customers by developing long lasting relationships.

Don’t know what any of this means? That’s okay :) Part of our mission is to teach you about the ins-and-outs of marketing to help you succeed.


  • PROACTIVE - Being resourceful and finding what you need to get the job done. Don’t wait for us to ask, and don’t be afraid of saying you need help!

  • NO EXCUSES - You don't waste time giving excuses. You are someone who sees the problems, fixes them, and moves past it. We all make mistakes, but at DM, we own them.

  • DAMN GOOD COMMUNICATOR - You understand how to speak with people in a respectful way, but can still assert yourself if and when the situation calls.

  • SUPERB LISTENER - You believe that listening is just as important as saying what’s on your mind, and understand that both are necessary to have constructive conversations

  • PATIENCE - Getting shit done is important to you, but you recognize and respect other people’s time and commitments

  • COMPASSIONATE - You are not a robot. You understand human emotions, feelings, thoughts, tendencies and know how to relate to people.

  • Firm believer that TIME IS MONEY - You understand the delicate balance of healthy socialization and when it’s time to work, and you have the drive to come to work and lend a hand wherever needed.


We are open to undergraduate and post-graduate students (those 1 year out of school or less).

International students are welcome but must be eligible to work in the US and work onsite at our office HQ in Austin, TX.


  • $15/Hr - 40 Hours/ Week

  • Opportunities for advancement to a full-time position